Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We've been terrible on updating our blog. Lily is doing awesome and growing so quickly. She had a doctors appt on monday and she is in the 25 percentile for weight and the 60 percentile for height. She is in the 100 percentile for cuteness. She is doing things that 6 month olds do at only 4 months. Basically, she is awesome.

Lily in her pink pajamas Gigi bought her. (she looks kinda like a clown) I think Heather wore the same style of pajamas when she was young.

Lily goes nuts over her mobile. She gets so excited and starts laughing and kicking.

Dad re-finished Lily's crib. It was a light tan color before Dad re-finished it. It looks amazing now.

We took Lily out to play frisbee golf with us. She enjoyed it. Her little pink hat is so cute.

Lily doing her exercises. She is laughing cause after she toughens up she is coming after Lance for payback for the mustache picture.

This is part of her Navy Seal training. Check out those guns.

Just being adorable

See what happens when Lance regaled Lily with stories from his football days.

Snuggling in a pillow

We are growing into the bumbo chair

Lily's first picnic.

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