Friday, May 13, 2011

Smurfs BEWARE!!!!

Lily is on the rampage. She has developed a taste for smurfs. Okay, not really. She has thrush and this is the medicine that she gets. It turns her mouth purple...and then she nursed. It got a little messy. She is still kinda purple around the mouth. It may take some time for it to come off. Otherwise Lily has been great. She was a little fussy yesterday and refused to sleep (That's what Sara claims, Lily has always been great for me. I think she just missed me cause I'm the favorite) Anyways, then she slept for almost 6 hours straight last night. It was awesome. She is getting to be pretty cute. We will post more pictures soon!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We forgot this video

Here are some more pictures and videos on Lily. She is doing great. She gets cuter everyday. We found a great Easter dress for her at a second hand baby store. It was only $6, and it was so cute on her. Sara and I sometimes just sit and stare at her. If you haven't been able to tell Lily is tiny. She is packing on the weight and is up to 6 lbs. She is small enough that you can hold her with just one hand. We tried to see if she was ready for 0-3 month pants the other day and it didn't work out so well.