Friday, May 13, 2011

Smurfs BEWARE!!!!

Lily is on the rampage. She has developed a taste for smurfs. Okay, not really. She has thrush and this is the medicine that she gets. It turns her mouth purple...and then she nursed. It got a little messy. She is still kinda purple around the mouth. It may take some time for it to come off. Otherwise Lily has been great. She was a little fussy yesterday and refused to sleep (That's what Sara claims, Lily has always been great for me. I think she just missed me cause I'm the favorite) Anyways, then she slept for almost 6 hours straight last night. It was awesome. She is getting to be pretty cute. We will post more pictures soon!


  1. Poor thing, I didn't know she had thrush. Even with a blue mouth she is still adorable!!

  2. she is so beautiful! i love her hair!!